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Sprint Retrospectives
Collaborate with teammates around the globe for team improvements with genuine anonymous feedback using simple and elegant tool.
retro board
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Do it easy
Polls Integration
Add polls to retro board to make it more interactive and fun
See it easy
Central and Organized Dashboard
Sign up for a free account to create, manage and organize teams and their boards.
It's free
Create unlimited boards
Limited board participants. Maximum of 5 members
Invite members by sharing the link to the board
Create unlimited boards quickly with predefined templates
Unlimited board participants
Notify team automatically everytime a new board is created
Ability to create and manage teams. Organize boards by team
Access to central and organized dashboard to manage your teams and boards
Ability to lock retro board and make it read only
Add poll to retro board to get team pulse anonymously on a new initiative or a process or an issue or any other fun topic
Access to retro board statistics and reports